AM25 Built-in Rechargeable Battery DC Tubular Motor

AM25 DC tubular motor is mainly used in indoor small roller blinds, pleated blinds, honeycomb blinds and sunshades of automobiles and buses
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AM25 Built-in Rechargeable Battery DC Tubular Motor

The AM25 DC tubular motor uses a long-life built-in lithium-ion battery. Say goodbye to expensive external batteries. These motors run on 24 volts DC (safe for children and adults) and can be used as replacement motors for electric blinds, shades, and flagpoles in any RV, travel trailer, and more.



Rated Voltage

 Ratod Torque

Rated Current

Standby Current

Rated RPM


Insulation Class

Working Tomp

IP Class

AM25-1 2/3O-ES.EH

DC 7.4V







-10℃ ~  + 60℃ 


• Cordless, novelty and safety design for your window
• Quiet design with patent
• Able to charge the motor via the switch wand, easy and convenient
• Low-power dissipation design, rechargeable battery built in
• The wand length can be customized




Trouble Shooting






Motor does not run or run slow

A.Over load
B.In-appropriate installation causing stuck

A.Exchange with proper motor
B.Check if proper installed


Motor stop suddenly

Motor run to limit

it's normal


The motor beeps during the blinds running

Low voltage remind

Charging the motor at once

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