AM45 Outdoor Windproof roller blinds motor

AM45 Outdoor Windproof Screen Motor is applied for exterior zip screen, exterior roller blind. With obstacle detection function,  stop and rebound when meet with resistance, protecting the side rails system without damage from wind when up and down.

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    Yellow or custom
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    30 days(A-OK standard)
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    1000 pcs
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    up to 3 years
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AM45 Outdoor Windproof roller blinds motor

Perfect for operating Solar Roller Shades or blackout windows roller blinds window shades can tilt open or close at the touch of a button.

Safety, Motors run on 8.4 volts DC, Child and pet safety, with no exposed cords

Fast installation head
A type drive shaft


❖ MAX 2 Limit position, memory for limit settings; 
❖ High accuracy motor rotary measurement;
❖ Sensor open circuit/ short circuit protection, Obstacle detection;

❖ Quiet helical gearbox ;
❖ The default obstacle detection sensitivity is level 6;
❖ Intelligent obstacle and overload detection, especially for the  operation of Exterior Zip Style Blind;
❖ When motor detect un-smooth movement (resistance) while  moving Up/ Down, will rebound and keep moving towards same  direction, motor stops until detect resistance 3 times in the same  place to make sure it's an obstacle.


Model No.Rated Torque

Rated RPM

Motor Diameter

Tube Length A

Rated  Voltage

Rated Power

Rated Current

IP Class










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