AM19 Motorized Blinds Between Glass Motor and Control System

AM19 motor consists of the DC motor, PCB control board and shock absorber, with the feature of small volume, light weight, low running noise and easy installation. Energy-saving design for long time using.
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AM19 Motorized Double Glazed Window Venetian Blinds Motor System

The AM19 motor is suitable for hollow shutters and small aluminum shutters. It is a new energy-saving product that can install shutters inside insulating glass. It combines traditional shutters with insulating glass, which saves space and inconvenience, and realizes the comprehensive performance of insulating glass for thermal insulation and shutters for sunshade.

It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low noise, accurate stroke positioning, strong concealment, and convenient installation. Environmentally friendly and power-saving design, longer lasting use.

For high-end office buildings, living rooms, hotels and other places. This product consists of DC motor, helical gear reducer, control board and shock absorption mechanism.

Motor Size

Product Advantages

1. Constant speed function makes blinds moving in the same speed, 35 rpm, error<±1rpm
2. Current protection design to prevent the damage of motor blocked
3. Easy to change the motor direction
4. Simple to operate and set limit
5. Quiet design provides the ultra-comfortable environment



1. Sound insulation: the unique structure of hollow aluminum venetian makes its sound insulation performance up to 32dB.

2. Shading: when the blinds are put into insulating glass, the Angle of the slats can be adjusted at will to achieve natural lighting and complete shading.

3. Environmental protection: hollow aluminum venetian do not produce any pollution in the process of production and use, either blindss or glass. And because the blinds is in the insulating glass with sealing treatment, the permanent seal ensures that the slats are permanently clean and free from pollution, avoiding complex cleaning work.

4. Energy saving: Because the K value (heat transfer coefficient) of insulating glass is lower than that of single-layer glass, the K value of ordinary insulating glass is 2.8W /m2.k, and that of single-layer glass is 6.0W /m2, the optimal K value of louver insulating glass is 1.8W /m2.k, and in summer, hollow aluminum venetian blinds can block sunlight and reduce indoor temperature; In winter, adjust the blinds Angle lighting and heating, can improve the indoor temperature, so no matter the use of air conditioning or heating, the use of hollow aluminum venetian blinds can make energy consumption significantly reduced.

5. Safety: because of the double-layer toughened glass structure, high wind resistance and external impact force, hollow glass is the most suitable for high-rise or coastal buildings. In addition, because the enetian insulating glass has replaced the traditional curtain, the fire hazard is greatly reduced.

Aluminum Venetian Blinds Structure

NOTE:AM19 venetian motor normally pair with 19A / 21A track, work with vanes of 12.5mm or 15mm.

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