AMC50 Smart Wifi Motorized Vertical Blinds System

AMC50 smart control electric vertical opening and closing blinds motor widely used for 90mm slats/vanes, Open and close via smart phone, tablet, remote control, or voice commands. Convenient installation.

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AMC50 Motorized Vertical Blinds System

AMC50 automatic motorized system for vertical blinds, to effortlessly rotate your vanes to any angle with the touch of a button. The added feature of traversing, the vanes is also an option. Available with a remote or a wall mount system. Open and close via smart phone, tablet, remote control, or voice commands.  RF Remote Control or wire into other automation system. Free to operate manually during power-cut.


Products  Model

Rated  Torque

Running  speed

Radio  Frequency

Running  Noise

Minimum  Width

Maximum  Width

Rated  Current

Rated  Voltage

IP Level

Running  Time

Working  Temperature




433. 92MHz










•Brushless DC double motors  
•Stepless speed regulation
•Adjustable rotational speed
•Independent dimming 
•External dry contact switch
•RS485 function
•Electronic memory limit 
•Protect on block

•Applicable to curved rails

Opening Methods:
There are three opening way that you can choose one you preferred to open your motorized vertical blinds
1.Left Opening
2.Right Opening

3.Bi-parting Opening

Our motorized vertical blinds can not only open and close but also light dimming control by our remote control.

Multi-controlling available in motors, please contact us for any enquires and technical help. 

Indoor Motorized Curtain System Advantages:

1.Flexible, super silent design
The motor applies 3 patented silent technologies, operation noise is low to 30dB. Intelligent soft start and soft stop function enhanced the performance of quiet and flexible

2.Stroke memoried function even power off
The industry’s original "flash save" function, the motor will automatically save the current operating information at the moment of power failure, It prevents the curtain track from  being pulled indiscriminately during a power off, and the  curtain system will not bump left and right when the power is  turned on again, which can increase the service life of the  track system by 40%.

3.Touch to go
The mechanical clutch structure realizes the power-off hand-  pulling function. When the power is off, it can be opened and  closed by pulling it by hand, like ordinary manual curtains.  When the power is on, the curtain can be gently to be pulled in  one direction like 5CM, then the curtains will automatically open  or close.

3.Stop on block
When the fabric meeting any physical block, the curtain will stop automatically to protect the whole system.

4.Support Multiple motors online working
The standard interface supports the online control of multiple motors, and each can be controlled by an external manual  switch, and can be connected to a computer for to realize a  central control.

5.Memory function
The opening and closing stroke points are automatically set, and  the best stopping position is easily reserved and memorized. It  protects the components from being bumped and causes noise or damage, prolongs the service life of the system, and the  stroke has a memory function even a power failure, it is  intelligently design.

6.Fabric rebound journey correction
When the fabric rebound a little due to compression, the motor  will memory the position as the new limit position automatically.  The curtain looks natural and more beautiful.

7.Third limit position
Besides the running journey limit position, you could also set  the third limit position anywhere within the journey. Manage the  natural light according to your personal preference. Create a  comfortable living environment to live.

8.Speed Adjustable
The motor has a speed adjustment button; you could adjust  the running speed according to your application.

9.Various control options
You could choose wireless, wired or RS232/485 communication  according to your actual use; wide range of application.

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Leave A Message
If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!