• Wand Controlled Motor for Cordless Solution
    Wand Controlled Motor for Cordless Solution
    AM25 Handle external intelligent DC tubular motors AM25 DC motor is consist of DC motor, reducer, PCB board, shock absorbers and handle controller. It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, low noise, accurate limit position, strong concealment, convenient installation and so on. Especially the low power consumption design makes the motor runing longer than expects. Features ◇ Rechargeable by lithium battery, battery pole or solar panel; ◇ Helical gear design with patent, noise level is 35dB; ◇ Auto correct shifting during braking; ◇ Customized operation stick with PVC sheathed sleeve; ◇ Wand control makes your system more humanized; ◇ Obstacle detectable for protection; ◇ Patented power saving design will make your system to be environmental protection and energy saving; Application Application 1 External battery pole supplying power to motor, suit for the applications which are without reserved power supply, effffective solutions to solve the power supply troubles. Application 2 External DC power supply, can realize manual control up ,stopand down function, easy and flflexible. Application 3 Connect an external solar panel or battery pole to charge motor, suit for the applications which are without reserved power supply, no need extra cables. Solar energy conversion into electricity, which is energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Motorized Roof Curtain Solution
    Motorized Roof Curtain Solution
    The system uses a-OK tubular motor, using A spring and A tubular motor; One end of the fabric is attached to a spring-loaded coil. The coil of steel rope at the other end of the fixed fabric is mounted on another reel equipped with a tubular motor coil. The motor provides power and the spring provides rewinding elasticity, thus keeping the tension in operation or at rest. After the curtain is completely opened, the fabric will be rolled on the spring coil tube, and the system selects the curtain fabric with certain tensile strength. According to the use of different occasions, can choose switch control, infrared remote control, radio remote control and intelligent control. Control mode can be controlled individually and group control. Indoor roof curtain is assembled by motor and transmission device, supporting components and curtain fabric. And theAngle between the curtain and the horizontal plane is less than 75, used for transparent roof in the horizontal, inclined and curved state of the building shading device. Roof shade includes scroll type canopy shade, folding canopy shade, 100 fold type canopy shade, shutter type canopy shade. Scroll type canopy curtain, divides into FTS canopy curtain and FSS canopy curtain. Product functions: sunshade, anti-glare, prevent indoor greenhouse effect, reduce energy consumption. Application: glass roof, pergolas, etc. Motorized Roof Curtain Solution 1 Motorized Roof Curtain Solution 2 Fss Roller Ceiling Blinds Recommend Motor
  • Motorized Vertical Curtain Solution
    Motorized Vertical Curtain Solution
    Motorized vertical curtain adopts the structure of swing page, the page can be 170° rotation, through the motor mechanical transmission mode to achieve the curtain dimming and retraction, not only can adjust the indoor light freely, but also ventilation, and can achieve the purpose of shading. Motorized vertical curtain sets practical sense of the Times and artistic feeling in one, It is popular in the office buildings, government agencies and public places because of its warm, elegant and generous. Motorized curtain as a decorative indoor curtain, it mainly has the following characteristics: ◆ Dc motor, low noise, high efficiency, long life; ◆ Built-in switching power supply, suitable for wide voltage range; ◆ Sensitive overload protection function, when the track is blocked, curtain stuck or curtain pulled, the operation automatically stop; ◆ Aluminum alloy curtain, high strength, better weather resistance; ◆ Independent curtain hanging system, can be in the range of 170° arbitrary limit curtain turning Angle, while maintaining ventilation at the same time arbitrary control of light intensity. System solution Motorized vertical curtain solution and structure
  • Motorized Sheer
    Motorized Sheer
    Motorized Sheer is an extension of the motorized roller blinds product, used in hotels, high-grade residential bedrooms, office French Windows and other occasions. The fabric of Motorized Sheer is divided into two kinds of light transmission and shading. The material is 100% polyester fiber cloth, the table and the back double layer gauze structure, and the intermediate layer polyester fiber curtain can be opened or closed to provide semi-transparent effect. The curtain fabric is usually treated with special anti-static, dust proof, anti-fouling and anti-mildew, which can effectively resist dust, moisture, splash or fingerprint in the air, and has excellent dirty resistance. A-ok motor has adjustable middle limit, which can be placed in the state of curtain body down. When the curtain body is in the vertical shading state, press the "switch" button, no matter where the soft curtain is, it will automatically reach the shading state. Motorized Sheer as a decorative indoor curtain, it mainly has the following characteristics: ◆ Double layer fabric is zebra stripe, up and down can flexibly adjust the shading Angle, can prevent heat increase in summer and prevent heat loss in winter, so that the curtain has sound absorption and heat insulation effect; ◆ Made of polyester non-woven fabric, warp knitted fabric, knitted fabric, woven fabric and other materials to meet more personalized needs; ◆ Fabric with special processing, can be flame retardant, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, waterproof, anti-oil, antibacterial and other environmental protection functions; ◆ Virous of the installation structure, including conventional down open type, up and down open type, up and down combined day and night curtain type, etc;
  • Motorized Honeycomb Blinds Solution
    Motorized Honeycomb Blinds Solution
    Honeycomb shade is also called organ shade , its inspiration from the most perfect architecture “honeycomb design”, the product has outstanding performance in dimming, shading, heat preservation, convenient use. In the middle of fixed cellular static air layer is very thick, completely cut off from the window on both sides of the heat conduction, heat preservation and heat insulation .It has the incomparable function .Different fabric on both sides and the light is filtered and diffused twice ,makes the room more comfortable .With special waterproof treatment of different fabrics, you can easily obtain the dimming requirements of all gradients from flexible yarn level to full shading, is an expert in room light control, suitable for use in the room, living room, kitchen, toilet and other environmental conditions. Honeycomb curtain as a decorative indoor curtain, more and more favored by hotels and high-end residences, it has the following characteristics: ◆ Heat insulation and heat preservation, air static solid layer formed by holes in honeycomb fabric brings extraordinary heat insulation and heat preservation effect; ◆ Noise isolation, honeycomb hole can play a good noise isolation effect, create a quiet and comfortable home environment; ◆ Block uv rays, blocking up to 99% uv rays, effectively protect furniture; ◆ Variety of styles, honeycomb curtain fabrics are transparent, semi-transparent, light isolation and other styles: in color, texture and printing rich choice; ◆ Easy to maintain, the fabric is antifouling and antistatic treatment, usually only need to use a portable vacuum cleaner or wet cloth after wiping. System structure Features ◆ Honeycomb shape can contain air, can prevent heat increase in summer and heat loss in winter, the curtain has the effect of sound-absorbing heat insulation; ◆ Can be made of polyester non-woven fabric, warp knitted fabric, knitted fabric, woven fabric and other materials to meet more personalized needs; ◆ Fabric with special processing, can be flame retardant, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, waterproof, anti-oil,antibacterial and other environmental protection functions; ◆ The rope hide design and neat skirt print make the honeycomb curtain looks more simple ,delicate and grace; ◆ Various of the installation structure, optional conventional open type, up and down with open type, up and down combination of day and night curtain type.
  • Motorized Hollow Aluminum Venetian Solution
    Motorized Hollow Aluminum Venetian Solution
    Indoor hollow aluminum venetian is a new energy-saving product which installs louver inside hollow glass. It combines the traditional venetian with hollow glass, which saves the use space and inconvenience, and realizes the comprehensive performance of hollow glass heat preservation and shutter shading. venetian insulating glass has the function of blinds lifting and turning Angle of 180 degrees, has good sunshade performance, improves insulating performance of insulating glass, improves indoor light environment, and is widely used in energy-saving building doors and Windows. Features ◆ Sound insulation: the unique structure of hollow aluminum venetian makes its sound insulation performance up to 32dB; ◆ Shading: when the blinds are put into insulating glass, the Angle of the slats can be adjusted at will to achieve natural lighting and complete shading; ◆ Environmental protection: hollow aluminum venetian do not produce any pollution in the process of production and use, either blindss or glass. And because the blinds is in the insulating glass with sealing treatment, the permanent seal ensures that the slats are permanently clean and free from pollution, avoiding complex cleaning work; ◆ Energy saving: Because the K value (heat transfer coefficient) of insulating glass is lower than that of single-layer glass, the K value of ordinary insulating glass is 2.8W /m2.k, and that of single-layer glass is 6.0W /m2, the optimal K value of louver insulating glass is 1.8W /m2.k, and in summer, hollow aluminum venetian blinds can block sunlight and reduce indoor temperature; In winter, adjust the blinds Angle lighting and heating, can improve the indoor temperature, so no matter the use of air conditioning or heating, the use of hollow aluminum venetian blinds can make energy consumption significantly reduced; ◆ Safety: because of the double-layer toughened glass structure, high wind resistance and external impact force, hollow glass is the most suitable for high-rise or coastal buildings. In addition, because the Venetian insulating glass has replaced the traditional curtain, the fire hazard is greatly reduced. Aluminum venetian blinds structure
  • Motorized Wood Venetian Solution
    Motorized Wood Venetian Solution
    Indoor motorized wood venetian is widely used in office building, hotel, study, meeting room partition, bathroom or league wash room partition and other places. Indoor motorized wood venetian color is the main selection basis; Lighting adjustment and interior decoration beautification are its main functional appeals; Mainly used in hotel rooms and residential bedrooms; The main width of the curtain is 50mm and 35mm. Features ◆ Hidden: when the blade is adjusted to 15 degrees to 25 degrees, the outside can not see the interior, there are excellent hidden effects, and there are ventilation Windows for indoor air convection circulation; ◆ Daylighting: adjustable blades with 0 to 105 degrees of shading can control indoor daylighting and shading at will; ◆ Ventilation: when the blade is adjusted to 90 degrees, the maximum visual field and ventilation volume can be reached; ◆ Rain proof: can effectively resist the invasion of wind and rain; ◆ Heat preservation, heat insulation and noise reduction: when the blades are closed, the sash is airtight, and the double-layer hollow design of the louver blade tail can effectively maintain the indoor temperature and isolate the outdoor high temperature, and reduce the noise by more than 30 decibels; ◆ Fire control: it can be combined with the fire control center as an automatic smoke exhaust and heat dissipation outlet. System solutions Motorized wood venetian blinds solution and structure
  • Motorized Aluminum Venetian Blinds Solution
    Motorized Aluminum Venetian Blinds Solution
    Indoor motorized aluminum venetian uses aluminum alloy curtain, through the coil system to drive the curtain body up and down operation and curtain piece turn over, play the role of light regulation and guidance, sun shading and heat insulation and decoration and beautification. Indoor blinds are installed in indoor or double-glazed rooms, with long service life, easy to clean and maintain (no wind influence), easy to install, low cost (relative to outdoor blinds), and no impact on the building structure; Dynamic use with optimized combination of high reflection glass or double breathing curtain wall glass. Indoor motorized blinds are widely used in office buildings, hotels, study, conference room partition, bathroom or league wash room partition and other places. Indoor blinds can be used alone or combined with other window decoration products. Aluminum alloy shutter: color, aperture size and thermal radiation effect of fabric coating as the main selection basis; Light regulation and sun shading and heat insulation as the main function appeals; Mainly used in business office buildings, conference rooms, etc. The waterproof properties of the curtain are used more and more in the hotel room partition: the width of the curtain is mainly 25mm and 35mm, the maximum is not more than 50mm. System solutions  Motorized aluminum venetian blinds solution and structure Features ◆ Can set up, middle, lower three limit points, power off stroke memory function; ◆ Supports two operating modes: click operation and continuous operation. The default mode is continuous operation; ◆ It is convenient to change the motor running direction; ◆ Direct detection of motor rotation number, high positioning accuracy; ◆ Position sensor open and short circuit protection function, blocking protection stop function; ◆ Built-in superheterodyne receiving module, receiving sensitivity≥110dbm, remote control distance >80m; ◆ Constant speed function, multiple synchronous speed consistent, rated speed 34rpm, error < 1rpm soil; ◆ Automatic travel setting function and fabric release function to prevent the impact of extrusion on the system; ◆ Fast start, fast response speed, slow down and stop near the stroke, to prevent the impact on the system.
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