• A-OK smart retractable track won the Dingzhi Award 2020 Smart Home Innovative Product Award
    Nov 25, 2021 A-OK smart retractable track won the Dingzhi Award 2020 Smart Home Innovative Product Award
    On December 16, 2020, the 2020 Smart Home Market Innovation Conference with the theme of "New Fusion•Pan-connection" was held in beautiful Hangzhou. A-OK, as a big coffee in China's smart motors, was invited to participate in this China Smart Home Elites gather at the event. At the same time as the conference, the Dingzhi Award and the 2020 Smart Home Innovative Product Award Ceremony were grandly held. A-OK Smart Telescopic Track won the "Dingzhi Award and the 2020 Smart Home Innovative Product Award", becoming the most beautiful spot in the audience!     At this conference, Mr. Liu Shengli, the general manager of A-OK, shared the keynote speech of "Remote control as you like, smart home life" with the national intelligent elites, about A-OK's brand positioning, A-OK brand development history, and A-OK The OK smart motor product series has been explained in detail. At the same time, he shared the exciting information that A-OK is recruiting national distributors in 2021, and analyzed the reasons why China's smart industry has entered a period of rapid development in the past five years, and it has become a deep blue ocean. Compared with the currently very mature building materials market, such as ceramic tiles, furniture, home appliances, etc., the smart industry is definitely a good opportunity for nuggets to create wealth, especially the smart motor and the matching smart control system as the core pillar of the smart industry. This information immediately detonated the interest and heated discussion of the smart big coffees across the country! (Note: According to industry estimates, China's smart market demand will reach trillions in 2025, of which the demand for smart motors will reach 100 billion.)     At the subsequent Dingzhi Award 2020 Smart Home Innovative Product Award Ceremony, A-OK's smart retractable track was awarded the "2020 Smart Home Innovative Product Dingzhi Award" in recognition of A-OK's smart retractable track for successfully solving smart home solutions The biggest pain point in the industry, "the cumbersome custom curtain program" is affirmed. Mr. Liu Shengli, general manager of A-OK, took the stage to accept the award on behalf of A-OK. In the end, the conference came to an end with the blessings of the smart celebrities to A-OK.   A-OK intelligent telescopic rail is a rail that can be arbitrarily stretched within the specified size range, and can also meet the intelligent opening and closing of curtains. It is an intelligent track developed by the A-OK R&D team 10 years ago to promote the intelligentization of doors and windows.     At present, the sizes of domestic windows in China vary, resulting in a complex customization process for curtain rails. The scalability of this smart track greatly avoids the cumbersome customization process, which not only saves the cost of people and time in the curtain sales, but also avoids the waste of materials and rework caused by the deviatio...
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  • Okko A-OK, more than OK!
    Nov 25, 2021 Okko A-OK, more than OK!
    1.5 billion annual production capacity 200+ national and international patents 200,000㎡ environmentally friendly forest-type industrial plant What do these numbers remind you of? Guess which company's achievement? How can such a goal be achieved? About Oko The technology originated in Germany and was established nearly 20 years ago. It is a professional manufacturer engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of door and window motors earlier in China. Aoweiweiye has a research and development center in Stuttgart. The factory is located in the Sanhe Economic Development Zone, Huiyang, Huizhou, Guangdong. Based on the most developed electronic technology in the Pearl River Delta region in Asia, it has always been at the forefront of the industry with its high-quality production technology and diversified development. We invite Li Xiaojian, the vice president of domestic sales of Ao Keweiye, to take you in-depth understanding of Ao Ke through multiple perspectives such as product development, market channels, and case applications. Taking the AM95 magnetic suspension curtain motor as an example, it is from the hands of design masters in the field of Mercedes-Benz automobile engine and vehicle shock absorption technology. The supplier has completed it. At present, it has applied for multiple invention patents and utility model patents in various countries around the world. The high-speed motor helps you enjoy peace and convenience at the same time. In the 20 years since its establishment, Aoke has more than 200 national and international patents. It has always maintained its core competitiveness in the door and window motor manufacturing industry where new technologies have emerged. Base, which is also an important factor for enterprises to pay attention to technological innovation and continuously inject innovation vitality into products. In order to improve the operation noise of the tubular motor, Aoke has spent three years and has invested more than 2 million to open three sets of reduction gear molds, and finally developed an international patented helical silent motor, the noise value has been reduced from the original 50 dB 30 decibels, refreshing the industry standard.
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  • Responsibility under the epidemic: Aoweiweiye's  China Miles activity set sail
    Nov 25, 2021 Responsibility under the epidemic: Aoweiweiye's China Miles activity set sail
    A sudden outbreak of new coronary pneumonia has affected people's lives across the country to varying degrees. All walks of life and different fields have been affected to varying degrees. Churchill said: "Don't waste a good crisis", we will see more opportunities and challenges than the harm caused by the epidemic "Black Swan". However, in the face of challenges, only action is the best response. With the unblocking of Wuhan, the land of the nine provinces has become more and more accessible, and the nationwide epidemic of war has achieved staged victory. In order to face the customers and ride out the epidemic together, Aoke Weiye's "China Miles" activity officially set sail in April. Responsibility under the epidemic: Aoweiweiye's "China Miles" activity set sail In the face of this epidemic, Aokeweiye, as a leading enterprise in the AI motor industry, has the courage to assume corresponding social responsibilities: in the initial stage of the epidemic, do online communication as soon as possible. Problems encountered; online organization to discuss the company's later development of sales models, management models, policies and other related issues, and do a good job prospective layout. In the later stage of the epidemic, in order to work together with customers and overcome difficulties, the general manager personally led the team with technology and sales, divided into 6 groups and 6 routes, and launched the "China Miles Campaign" nationwide, targeting distributors. Facing the marketing problems in the post-epidemic period, we conducted a comprehensive investigation and discussion on the brand positioning and new marketing model of high-end smart curtains, including practical problems of mainstream products such as electric curtains and electric curtains. Its footprints are all over the country, and the mileage is more than 10,000 miles away. It is a veritable journey. Responsibility under the epidemic: Aoweiweiye's "China Miles" activity set sail The epidemic situation is brave enough to bear the responsibility. During the special "epidemic" period, passively suspended companies have "changed their strains" in search of a new model of sustainable growth, creating an enterprise's hard-core combat effectiveness and turning crises into opportunities. The "China Miles" activity is an important "change" of Ao Keweiye, with 6 routes from south to north and west to east, covering a wide range across the country. The company's personnel work together and participate extensively, among which senior management, sales representatives, and technical personnel join forces to fight the best set of "combination punches". All of this is aimed at face-to-face communication with customers, solving the various dilemmas and problems they face during the epidemic, understanding the true performance of products on the user side, mastering the true feelings of users about product quality and service, and then upgrading products and services The upgrade fell into ...
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  • Future smart life A-OK and Huawei HiLink work together
    Nov 25, 2021 Future smart life A-OK and Huawei HiLink work together
    Have you ever imagined such a future:   In the morning, the A-OK smart curtain will automatically open when the alarm clock on the Huawei mobile phone rings. After you wake up, wash and eat, you are ready to drive to work. You set the Huawei mobile phone to go home at night. The light-blocking curtains are closed at 10 o'clock on time, and all smart devices go to sleep. …   The above picture describes that the rapid development of technology has brought more convenience to our life, allowing us to have a more intelligent life experience. Nowadays, "intelligence" has become an indispensable part of life, especially in the area ofliving. More and more smart home devices on the market have entered life, such as smart door locks and smart curtains. Among them, "smart curtains" are more popular because of their practicality. Therefore, "smart curtains" are widely used in many homes.   (A-OK intelligent curtain motor won the Huawei HiLink certification)   Over the past 22 years, Aokeweiye has been committed to the professional design and precision manufacturing of door and window motors and intelligent control systems, and has successively launched high-quality intelligent motor products to meet the high-speed demand for intelligent curtains in the Chinese and international markets. These include AM50 curtain motor, AM68 curtain motor, AM75 curtain motor, AM95 curtain motor and AM98 curtain motor, etc., giving the soul of smart curtains and more possibilities. (A-OK smart curtain motor AM68 won the HUAWEI HiLink certification)    In the face of the upcoming trillion-dollar smart home market, the Chinese national brand Huawei and A-OK jointly launched the AM68 smart curtain motor, adding a very surprising option for the loyal fans of Huawei and A-OK.   (A-OK and Huawei HiLink work together to realize smart life)   The AM68 smart curtain motor launched by A-OK and Huawei this time has obtained the high-quality specification certification of HUAWEI HiLink, which greatly meets the multi-functional needs of A-OK's smart young consumer groups for smart curtain motors, such as intelligent and Flexible mute, stop when set, stop when power off, self-set memory formation, start by hand, correct fabric rebound stroke, adjustable speed and other functions. This provides young consumers with a quiet and convenient experience of controlling smart curtains through HUAWEI HiLink, customizes a better life, and integrates smart curtains into daily life scenes.
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