High frequency external radio receiver

The radio receivers are intended for remote control of the doors automation.

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AC252-01 High frequency external radio receiver

With our radio modems,setting up a local data transfer network is quick and cost effective.Your wireless network is dependent and free of operator services.The cost of operation is either free of charge or fixed,depending on the frequency used.

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Radio remote control receiver

radio wireless remote control


1.Fancy and modern design;
2.Available to connect external manual switch ,
3.flexible and convenient;
4.Design with super heterodyne module, sensitivity is -110dBm;
5.Industrial grade CPU for more steady function;
6.Fire-proof material for safe use;
7.Power supply is safe ,output time is 5 minutes.


Model NO.
Working Voltage
Working Temp.
RF Modulation Mode
Working Frequency
Loading Power
AC230V / AC120V

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