• Smart Single Chain Window Opener
    Smart Single Chain Window Opener
    Electronic chain motor is widely used for motorized sliding sash, casement and skylight window etc, particular for high place where is hard to manual operation, works with all kinds of remote control and realizes automation operation.
  • Double Chain Window Opener
    Double Chain Window Opener
    Electronic double-chain motor is widely used for motorized sliding sash, casement and skylight window etc, particular for high place where is hard to manual operation, works with different kinds of automation control systems like smoke detector and temperature detector, it would be easy to operate the windows open and close automatically.
  • Garage Door Controller(Built In Lamp)-AC249-01
    Garage Door Controller(Built In Lamp)-AC249-01
    AC249-01 specialized in garage door, is an automatic and comprehensive control system with built-in lamp, which not only can control the garage door by remoter to up/down and stop, but also has multiple protection functions, with these unique design, it can be applied in roller garage door, motorized door, faster roller door which have a high requirement for safety.
  • 4 routes group controller(AC408-02)
    4 routes group controller(AC408-02)
    Group controller works with mechanical manual switch and all A-OK radio receiver, to operate multi-unites motorization blinds at the same time.
  • Winter garden controller(Solar charging)
    Winter garden controller(Solar charging)
    The integrated solution of outdoor sunshine room meets your primitive desire to embrace nature at any time. 4 sunshade roller binds with personalized control of the top canopy, playing with sun and enjoying the natural pleasure when open, experiencing tranquility and keeping your private space when close. 200W AC fan and 1500W electric heater, cold an heat regulation, embracing the scenery without seasonal limit, decorating your garden with electrodeless dimming LED light band. IP65 grade, protecting your private territory without fear of wind and rain. Solar charging provides solutions for no power supply outdoor sunroom. It is not required to wire in advance and just to be installed at any times. Monocry stalline silicon solar panels have a high conversion rate and long service life. Prevention level IP65.
  • Motorized Roller Shutter Solution
    Motorized Roller Shutter Solution
    Motorized rolling curtain window has the advantages of beautiful and simple appearance, firm and durable structure, suitable for office and family window shading, especially for large area glass curtain wall rolling curtain. When the shutter fabric is down, it can make the indoor light soft, free from direct sunlight, and achieve a good shading effect: when the shutter is up, its volume is very small, so that it can not be noticed. Rolling curtain fabric has half shading rolling curtain, half transparent rolling curtain, full shading rolling curtain series, can be determined according to the window position and use. The system characteristics: ◆ Energy saving and heat preservation: energy saving rolling Windows can play a role in blocking outdoor sunlight in summer, partition the temperature into the room, play the effect of heat insulation, shading. In winter can also play a role in ensuring indoor temperature and external convection, ensure indoor heating effect, all open will not produce any heat load, lighting, ventilation, ventilation. Excellent economic benefits, according to the annual household saving of air conditioning or heating equipment use power consumption, the cost can be recovered within 10 years; ◆ EModern lifestyle: rolling Windows control the indoor light by opening and closing, to prevent the eyes from receiving light damage, and to prevent the fading of valuable homes in the house from sunlight exposure. Press the shutter remote control, free up and down movement, improve the quality of life; ◆ Windproof, anti-theft: aluminum alloy material durable, especially suitable for coastal areas, long sunshine, strong ultraviolet light, high temperature, long summer, accompanied by typhoons of the city, the installation of rolling Windows, can be pillow without excellent; ◆ Sound insulation: rolling Windows will reduce the invasion of outdoor noise, reduce noise pollution, improve the quality of life, and create a good rest space; ◆ Blocking: The opening design of the curtain pieces can not only keep the indoor ventilation, but also prevent the dust and debris outside;
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