AC605-01 amorphous silicon solar panels

It is made by monocrystalline silicon with simple design, small size, light and easy for installation, high light-to-electricity  transferability is good for charging lithium battery products.

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    Gray or custom
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    30 days(A-OK standard)
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    1000 pcs
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AC605-01 amorphous silicon solar panels

Amorphous solar panels contain no cells per say but are created rather through a deposition process which actually forms the silicon material directly on the glass substrate. To understand this a bit clearer, think of it as spraying the silicon onto the glass in very thin layers. This film which gives amorphous panels the "thin-film" nick name, is laser patterned which interconnects instead of physical connecting tabs which eliminates a mechanical connection that can break down and fail. The amount of silicon used in this process produces a film, which is often up to 100 times less the thickness of a polycrystalline cell.

silicon solar cell panels


  Light-to-electricity transferability is over 19%
  Pouring sealant for production, anti-UV material for cable  Adhesive tape or screw type installation for optional




Rated Power

Rate Voltage



18 V

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