AM28 Electronic Limit Setting Radio AC Tubular Motor

The electronic limit radio AC tubular motor has a length of 28mm and adopts a wireless, novel and safe window design.
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    30 days(A-OK standard)
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    1000 pcs
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AM28 Electronic Limit Setting Radio AC Tubular Motor

Trouble Shooting

Items Problem Matter Shooting
1 After connecting with the power, the motor doesn't work or work slowly A. Connected with wrong voltage
B. Overloading
C. Incorrect installation leads to motor sticking
A. Change correct voltage
B. Choose suitable motor torque
C. Check the components
2 The motor stops suddenly during working A. The motor has been exceeded overheating protection
B. Power was cut off
C. Motor moves to the limit position
A. After the motor with natural cooling, it will comeback to work again
B. The motor will come back to work once power on
C. It is normal phenomenon

1. AC power supply,100-240VAC wide range input voltage.  
2. Dot move and continuous move conversion available.
3. Setting limits by remote control. Up to 6 limits, including  Upper/Lower limit and 4 intermediate limit positions.
4. Short/Open circuit protection.  
5. Keep the limits when the power off.
6. Self-checking and correcting of brake offset.
7. Famous quality components to ensure reliable performance.


1. Programming

AC Tubular Motor

2. Change direction

3. Limit position setting

4. First limit position setting

AC Tubular Motor

5. Other limit position setting

AC Tubular Motor

6.Limit position fine-tuning *(if there is no any action within 30s ,the motor will exit from limit position preparation automatically)

7.Delete the limit position *(The first limit position can't be deleted)

8.Dot move and continuous move conversion

AC Tubular Motor

9.Add the new transmitter

AC Tubular Motor

10.Delete single channel memory

11.Delete all the memories

AC Tubular Motor

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!