AC249-01 Garage Door Lighting Wireless Receiver Controller

The model AC249-01 garage door controller is equipped with a lighting system to help you operate better at night. The hard shell material is used to perfectly protect the internal parts of the machine, and you can use it with confidence.

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AC249-01 Garage Door Lighting Wireless Receiver Controller

AC249-01 specialized in garage door, is an automatic and comprehensive control system with built-in lamp, which not only can  control the garage door by remoter to up/down and stop, but also has multiple protection functions, with these unique design, it  can be applied in roller garage door, motorized door, faster roller door which have a high requirement for safety.

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Garage Door Wireless Controller

Garage Door Controller


1.433MHz or 868MHz, rolling code.
2.Stop or stop and rebound when meet obstacle to avoid damage of objects.3.
3.Auto set motor running time (1-90s).
4.Auto set close door time (1-180s after the door fully opened).
5.Over loading protection.
6.Waterproof design, IP65 level, suitable for outdoor usage.  
7.UV resistant and fire proof plastic housing.
8.Specialized motor relay , work with motor power below 500W.  
9.Superheterodyne receive module, with sensibility -110dBm,  operation distance 200m in the open air.
10.SMT assembly, damp-proof surface.


Working Voltage

Working Temp.

Working Frequency

Loading Power

Levels of protection

AC 230V/AC 120V





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