AM60 Built In Radio Manual Operated Tubular Motor

AM60 Built In Radio Manual Operated Tubular Motor is mainly applied for medium and small size of roller shutters,  rolling doors, awnings and big size screens. It can be manually operated when electricity is off.

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    Yellow or custom
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    30 days(A-OK standard)
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    1000 pcs
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    up to 5 years
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AM60 Built In Radio Manual Operated Tubular Motor

AM60 Manual Tubular motor is mainly used in home automation such as roller shutters, awnings, screens, sunshades,roller blinds,roller door etc. With low noise, small size and easy installation, tubular motors have been widely used in offices, residential, hotels, showrooms, villas and many other places.

Limit Head


❖ Quiet running, lower to 45db;
❖ Built-in superheterodyne receiving module, long control distance,  High anti-interference, receive sensibility -110dBm;
❖ Repeat positioning accuracy is as low as 2 degrees;

❖ Worm gear speed reducer makes it easier to move by hand;
❖ Built-in receiver, simpler installation and stable performance; 
❖ Accurate SMT assembly, damp-proof treatment on surface;  High impact resistant relay, industrial-grade CPU, working temperature -40~+85℃;
❖ Double breaking design with patent.



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