Responsibility under the epidemic: Aoweiweiye's China Miles activity set sail

Nov 25, 2021

A sudden outbreak of new coronary pneumonia has affected people's lives across the country to varying degrees. All walks of life and different fields have been affected to varying degrees. Churchill said: "Don't waste a good crisis", we will see more opportunities and challenges than the harm caused by the epidemic "Black Swan". However, in the face of challenges, only action is the best response.

With the unblocking of Wuhan, the land of the nine provinces has become more and more accessible, and the nationwide epidemic of war has achieved staged victory. In order to face the customers and ride out the epidemic together, Aoke Weiye's "China Miles" activity officially set sail in April. Responsibility under the epidemic: Aoweiweiye's "China Miles" activity set sail

In the face of this epidemic, Aokeweiye, as a leading enterprise in the AI motor industry, has the courage to assume corresponding social responsibilities: in the initial stage of the epidemic, do online communication as soon as possible. Problems encountered; online organization to discuss the company's later development of sales models, management models, policies and other related issues, and do a good job prospective layout. In the later stage of the epidemic, in order to work together with customers and overcome difficulties, the general manager personally led the team with technology and sales, divided into 6 groups and 6 routes, and launched the "China Miles Campaign" nationwide, targeting distributors. Facing the marketing problems in the post-epidemic period, we conducted a comprehensive investigation and discussion on the brand positioning and new marketing model of high-end smart curtains, including practical problems of mainstream products such as electric curtains and electric curtains. Its footprints are all over the country, and the mileage is more than 10,000 miles away. It is a veritable journey. Responsibility under the epidemic: Aoweiweiye's "China Miles" activity set sail

The epidemic situation is brave enough to bear the responsibility. During the special "epidemic" period, passively suspended companies have "changed their strains" in search of a new model of sustainable growth, creating an enterprise's hard-core combat effectiveness and turning crises into opportunities. The "China Miles" activity is an important "change" of Ao Keweiye, with 6 routes from south to north and west to east, covering a wide range across the country. The company's personnel work together and participate extensively, among which senior management, sales representatives, and technical personnel join forces to fight the best set of "combination punches". All of this is aimed at face-to-face communication with customers, solving the various dilemmas and problems they face during the epidemic, understanding the true performance of products on the user side, mastering the true feelings of users about product quality and service, and then upgrading products and services The upgrade fell into place. For example, users conduct systematic research and guidance on the new needs of electric curtains, various questions in the use of electric opening and closing curtains, and so on. In order to strengthen the interaction of brand resources, gain insight into market operation dynamics, and promote the mutual symbiosis and common development with customers. Responsibility under the epidemic: AoKe Albert ’s “China Miles” activity set sail in the epidemic situation: AoKe Albert ’s “China Miles” activity set sail


Fan Yi's way goes with the times. Winners must understand changing trends, grasping opportunities, and making judgments and choices suitable for the development of the times. During the special epidemic situation, Ao Keweiye did not slow down but continued to think and explore continuously. The "China Miles" is an important step in the exploration.

Not only in this special period, since the establishment of Aoweiweiye in 1998, has always maintained a steady development trend, has been committed to the development and design of intelligent motors and supporting intelligent control systems and precision manufacturing. For more than 20 years, he has been committed to "strive to become the nation's first brand of intelligent door and window system solutions in the intelligent application field of the whole house". The quality management concept of the company strives to achieve the long-term development goal of "providing the most high-quality intelligent solutions for every kind of human life"!

In the current epidemic situation, corporate responsibility and responsibility are particularly important. The "China Miles" activity is not only responsible for customers, but also the courage to take responsibility under the epidemic situation. Through this line, not only can we fully understand the terminal channels, find out the status of the channels, help customers answer questions face-to-face, but also in-depth and practically solve the problems during the epidemic with customers. In the future, Aoweiweiye will also move forward with all customers and fight against the epidemic together to meet the dawn of victory!

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