AM35 Built-in Lithium Battery Radio Tubular Motor

Easy and quick installation, No wiring required and easily operated by a remote handset due to its intelligent inbuilt receiver.

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    30 days(A-OK standard)
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AM35 Built-in Lithium Battery Radio Tubular Motor

Radio Frequency based so you don't have to point the remote at it every time you want to control it. In fact you can use the Battery Radio Tubular Motor control the shades in your living room from your bedroom completely wirelessly.

Standard Limit Head B Type Drive Shaft A Type Drive Shaft


Built-in Lithium Battery Radio Tubular Motor

AM35 energy saving built-in battery tubular motor mainly used for roller blinds, pleated blinds, Shangri-La blinds, projection screens, also for medium and small  sizes of aluminum and wooden venetian blinds, easy to install and wire. No overheating limit allows long time continuous working, compatible with all A-OK  control systems.


* Power by built-in or external Li-ion battery optional  Built-in Li-ion Battery 14.8V/3000mAh;

* Running noise as low as 40dB;

* Self-correction function for the displacement caused by braking;

* Automatic limit setting with remote control, suitable for  inconvenient installation and adjustment places;
* Stop and rebound by block, protect system and be safe to use;
* Patented energy saving design, powered by battery pole or solar panel;

 * Built-in Control board covered by sealed box, high Safety performance;


Solar panel for built-in battery charging, suitable for the places where didn't reserve power supply, and effectively solves the  trouble of having no reserved power supply

Use external DC power supply, to control motor run Up Down Stop, easy operation and stable performance.


Model No.

Rated Torque

Rated RPM

Motor Diameter

Rated Voltage

Rated Power

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IP Class





DC 14.8V




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