A-OK smart retractable track won the Dingzhi Award 2020 Smart Home Innovative Product Award

Nov 25, 2021

On December 16, 2020, the 2020 Smart Home Market Innovation Conference with the theme of "New Fusion•Pan-connection" was held in beautiful Hangzhou. A-OK, as a big coffee in China's smart motors, was invited to participate in this China Smart Home Elites gather at the event. At the same time as the conference, the Dingzhi Award and the 2020 Smart Home Innovative Product Award Ceremony were grandly held. A-OK Smart Telescopic Track won the "Dingzhi Award and the 2020 Smart Home Innovative Product Award", becoming the most beautiful spot in the audience!



At this conference, Mr. Liu Shengli, the general manager of A-OK, shared the keynote speech of "Remote control as you like, smart home life" with the national intelligent elites, about A-OK's brand positioning, A-OK brand development history, and A-OK The OK smart motor product series has been explained in detail. At the same time, he shared the exciting information that A-OK is recruiting national distributors in 2021, and analyzed the reasons why China's smart industry has entered a period of rapid development in the past five years, and it has become a deep blue ocean. Compared with the currently very mature building materials market, such as ceramic tiles, furniture, home appliances, etc., the smart industry is definitely a good opportunity for nuggets to create wealth, especially the smart motor and the matching smart control system as the core pillar of the smart industry. This information immediately detonated the interest and heated discussion of the smart big coffees across the country!

(Note: According to industry estimates, China's smart market demand will reach trillions in 2025, of which the demand for smart motors will reach 100 billion.)



At the subsequent Dingzhi Award 2020 Smart Home Innovative Product Award Ceremony, A-OK's smart retractable track was awarded the "2020 Smart Home Innovative Product Dingzhi Award" in recognition of A-OK's smart retractable track for successfully solving smart home solutions The biggest pain point in the industry, "the cumbersome custom curtain program" is affirmed. Mr. Liu Shengli, general manager of A-OK, took the stage to accept the award on behalf of A-OK. In the end, the conference came to an end with the blessings of the smart celebrities to A-OK.


A-OK intelligent telescopic rail is a rail that can be arbitrarily stretched within the specified size range, and can also meet the intelligent opening and closing of curtains. It is an intelligent track developed by the A-OK R&D team 10 years ago to promote the intelligentization of doors and windows.



At present, the sizes of domestic windows in China vary, resulting in a complex customization process for curtain rails. The scalability of this smart track greatly avoids the cumbersome customization process, which not only saves the cost of people and time in the curtain sales, but also avoids the waste of materials and rework caused by the deviation of the measurement.



This smart telescopic track has two specifications of 1.2m-2m and 2.2m-4m, which fully meet the needs of Chinese families for curtain rails. And its elegant design, the durability brought by the thick aluminum alloy material and the solid structure, and the extremely simple connection method with the A-OK smart motor, users can install the A-OK smart motor and smart track by themselves, they are absolutely It can add color to your smart home life.



The innovative design above has quickly changed the traditional track from cumbersome customization to the standardization of intelligent track, thus strongly promoting the intelligent development of the curtain industry!

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